And In The End…

Tweedy – the newest addition to the Zentz family

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Zentz family… Tweedy! No, she isn’t named after that little yellow bird. That would be spelled Tweety. We have called her Tweedy Bird as a nickname, so we understand your confusion. She’s actually named after Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer from Wilco. Would you have expected anything less from the Zentzes? We had picked out that name for our second dog long ago, and fortunately it worked really well! We adopted her from Jen’s brother, who had been calling her Sweety, so in her mind… her name didn’t change.

She’s a Golden Retriever and is about eight months old – that’s a lot of puppy! She gets along really well with McCartney, but she is the push-over and likes to steal his toys and bones. She’s a cuddle bug just like McCartney, but only when she’s tired. We think Tweedy could win a “World’s Fastest Eating Dog” contest if one existed. She eats out of a bowl that looks like a giant Lego. It is supposed to slow her down, but we think she’s learned the secrets to the bowl.

Here is a photo of our red-headed beauty. Expect more in the future as we try to revive our blog.



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